School for Eagles
Transmission of Light and Energy
by Barbara Borecka

Individual Light- and Energy-Transmission

There's only one thing you have to do at Barbara's Individual Light- and Energy-Transmission and that is to lie down in a state of relaxation. While you're lying down, Barbara works within your energy field. She starts with pendeling, repairing the energy structures within your fysical body, your emotions, your mind and your aura. After that Barbara opens channels through which Divine Light can reach you. Barbara guides this Light to your energy field.

The Divine Light that Barbara "transmits", carries High Consciousness, Love and Clarity within itself. This can bring relief, healing, mercy, revitalisation, opening and expansion; pleasant, flowing feelings in place of energy blocks; and deep peace, harmony, power and joy. Your radiance is being stimulated towards higher levels. You may feel protected, blessed, cherished and up-lifted. You can also become very light or just the opposite - when grounding energies do their work.
Your energy centres and energy bodies expand and achieve a beautiful state of harmony. Your energy is brought to a higher, more refined level of vibration. This has an energizing, cleaning, clarifying, harmonizing effect. Several other effects my also occur, for instance having visions and insights, healing, grounding, reaching new levels of consciousness, lightness and high sensations of inner peace, joy and love.

Transmission and resonance
While the High Light of the Heavens is flowing towards you, Barbara supports the harmonious admittance and integration of it into your energy field. Barbara "reads" the energy-flow and the interaction between the Light and your field. That way she can send you energy patterns that are specifically suited for you. Barbara may sing soft, healing sounds during this process. All the while you can enjoy the beautiful, enlightening, high and refined flow of energy, within and around you.
The Light brings everyone what he or she needs most at that particular moment. Your energy centres and energetic bodies expand and reach new levels of harmony. You achieve greater contact with your core, your Higher Self, your Guides, your Soul and your own life energy. Love and support surround you!

Barbara's method is called "transmission and resonance", also known as "healing by vibration":
"The introduction of a harmonious vibration cab destroy disease, because it is impossible for two vibrations to occupy the same space at the same time. [...] The general vibrational signature of every human body consists of a wide range of sub vibrations. By learning how to read and change this signature, one can alter the physical body in a safe and simple way. You will see a lot of progress in this area in the years ahead of you, because this is a natural way for you to help the body."
from: Steve Rother & the Group, Re-member, A Handbook for Human Evolution.

This is a thorough and effective method of healing and enhancement of personal growth. It is particularly suited for those who sense that there must be something more effective than forever reliving their childhood memories and past live problems; a sense that there must be a more direct way towards living the life you want to live - and you should be living.

Barbara reinforces the transmission-and-resonance-method by using many crystals and also her pendulum, her tingshas (vibrating bells) and aurasoma. "Transmission and resonance" takes your energy as a whole to a higher level of vibration, which enables you to make deeper contact with your core, your Higher Self, your Guides, your Soul and the source of your life energy.
At an individual transmission, there's plenty of room for questions. Aided by your Guides, Light Masters and the Spiritual Light in general, you can receive answers that are coming directly from your Soul of other Higher Light-beings. Engulfed by High Light, you're more open to hear, to receive and to accept these answers and implement them in your daily life.

Barbara helps you to gain clarity and get to the core of your issues. She points your energy towards your Highest Good. That way you're being opened-up for new possibilities, solutions and higher ways of dealing with life's challenges.
Your attention and consciousness is directed more towards what you want and hope for and the best, most positive within yourself and within the Earth-plane. In many ways - including through your feelings and thoughts - you establish contact with things that nourish you.

Sound recordings
Barbara records everything she says and advises you during the session, so you can play it back later. These recordings can be part, if you want, of the homework-material included in the session price - either on cd or as mp3.
An additional option is for Barbara to record part of the energy-transmission itself. In physical terms that gives you little more than a recording of the special background-music that Barbara uses, but when you're sensitive to it, you may also re-experience part of the transmitted energies while listening to these recordings. That way it may be possible for you to partly re-live your session at home.

Location De Bilt: 200 euros for 2 hours of session, with the inclusion of homework-material valueing around 40 euros.
Location Amsterdam and Cht St Gerlach: 250 euros for the same.
Abroad: contact us.

At a distance
You can also opt for a Light- and Energy-transmission from a distance, minimally an hour at a time. Barbara, usually assisted by an advanced Light Body-apprentice, transmits High Light to you from a distance. That way you, Barbara and the apprentice form a powerful healing triangle of High Energy. The only thing Barbara requires for this type of individual session is a recent photograph of you, sent by e-mail.
Price: 100 euros per hour.

Energetic cleansing and vitalisation of buildings

Your home is supposed to be a place where you feel good. It's supposed to strengthen, shield and sustain you. Ideally you find rest at home - and new energy. Your house is meant to be a safe haven, where you really like to be and go to. And vice versa: you should empower, bless and love the place where you live; add light and love to it. It's important for your growth and well-being that you have a good relationship with your place of residence - so you can really come home there.

Barbara energizes homes and other buildings since the beginning of this millennium. She has also taught and given lectures at a great number of locations, which in almost all cases was accompanied by an energetic pre-cleansing of the spaces involved. That way Barbara has gained a wealth of experience and a profound expertise in this area.
A lot of issues can be connected with buildings. Buildings often contain remnants of the energies of former occupants. They are often energetically influenced by adjoining buildings or buildings in the neighbourhood that aren't even next to them. That way positive energy in buildings can be "sucked away" to structures in its vicinity.
"I noticed this happening at the house of a spiritual advanced man," Barbara says. "He himself was a continuous source of good energy, but that energy just didn't remain within his house. It flowed out almost directly. When I focused on this issue, I saw all positive life-energy disappear through one wall, straight to the neighbours' house, where it was used up and dissolved in a pool of discontent. To heal this gap I gathered a great amount of Light and sent this to the neighbours, hoping that this large pile of positive energy would satisfy the neighbours hunger long enough to be able to fix the whole underlying energy-structure in the house of my client. That worked."

"A while ago I was energizing the home of a couple whose childs bedroom was located in the energetically very worst part of their house: a small room in the attic. I transformed the energy in that room as best I could, but it was really terrible. I saw images there of an elderly couple fighting a lot in that room, really detesting each other. So I fixed the energy there as much as I could, but mainly advised my clients to have their boy sleep somewhere else. They followed my advise and told me later that their son slept a lot better in his new room, almost instantly. In the attic he had always slept rolled-up like a hedgehog, but now he was sleeping laying on his back, his arms and legs outstretched, completely open. The attic-room became very useful as storage space."

Driving out negativity
Energizing buildings is mainly about replacing low, negative energy by high, positive energy. As a rule negative energy disappears when confronted with very positive energy - since low energy is chaotic by nature and high energy is highly (in some ways perfectly) structured. However, there are places where negative energy forms clutters. Most people sense and experience the existence of such clutters of negativity, only they are seldom aware of them. Nevertheless they often choose to evade these clutters. When they don't, they can be deeply influenced by the negative energy that's conatined in the clutter: they become restless, discontent, tend to fight or become sad, depressed or even suicidal.
These negative energy-clutters are the main reason people invite Barbara to cleanse and re-vitalize their houses or other buildings.

Some negative energy emanates from wandering spirits: remnants of the energy-fields of people who have (long) deceased. In general it is harder to get rid of this kind of negative energy, since it's connected with a more or less active source in our plane of reality. Often the most effective thing to do is to help these wanderers with taking their inevitable step into the next life. For this purpose Barbara uses special "Lightgate"-crystals, accompanied by methodics she has developed and extensively finetuned in advanced transcendental meditation groups.

Lasting results
After an energizing session the energy in the building involved has been changed permantly: local energy structures have been altered by Barbara's transmissions and channels upward have been established. It helps, however, when the occupants of the building keep meditating in the building, in order to maintain the high energy that has been introduced.
This new energy forms a terrific platform from where the general vibration of the building and its surroundings can be further enhanced. From this platform positive energy can also easily expand into other areas of your life - and the life of others who come into contact with it. So, when adequately sustained, your house can become an actual power plant of positivity!

Price: 5000 euros, plus 1 euro per kilometer the building in question is removed from Schiphol Airport (tax and travel included).
Barbara is aware that some people may find this to be quite expensive. On the other hand, the cleansing of a building is a thorough energetic operation that requires a sizeable investment of positive, High, light energy, which in most cases will result in substantial value added to the building involved.
Barbara is being assisted bij one or more advanced and experienced assistant light workers.
Included are Barbara's crystal-elixer, flowers, incense and other tools of the trade, as well as a substantial amount of crystals Barbara can distribute around the house - if you want. Barbara will sense what crystals would be best for the house and at what locations they would work best. However, these crystals should be cleaned with running water at least onze a week for twenty minutes.
Also included is the cd "Je Huis Energetiseren", spoken in Dutch, but energized in all languages.

Duration: cleansing a building normally takes four or five hours. Barbara and her assistant(s) transmit Light and other High Energy to the building involved, several days in advance.

  • "So much has changed in my house! The furniture's the same, but somehow I seem to have more space. Also very 'real' changes take place: yesterday the landlord removed a cell-phone-antenna from my roof. These things emenate so much bad energy, so I am very happy about it! Unbelievable, right?"
  • "Our shop is doing really well since the energizing! We are enjoying it fully and now really feel like we're having our own spiritual journey, right here and now. And we keep meeting beautiful people!"


Barbara is also available for lectures - or even a workshop or course - on a location that you arrange.
Possible subjects are:
  • The Art of Life
  • How to Create your Ideal Reality
  • Light Body: vessel of your Soul
  • High Vibration Living on Earth
  • Becoming your True Self
  • Creating Money
  • Finding and Cherishing your Soulmate
  • Self Love: Key to Success and Happiness
  • Using Crystals for Protection en Empowerment
  • The Road to Enlightenment

Barbara transmits Light and Hogh Energy before and during her lectures; usually also a couple of days ahead and in collaboration with her assistants.

- for a lecture: 300 euros, plus 1 euro per kilometer the location is removed from Schiphol Airport (tax and travel included).
- for a workshop: 500 euros, plus same.
- for a course: 2000 euros, plus same. A course consists of four gatherings.

Barbara's books

July 2007 Barbara's first book, written with Rene Argonijt, The Art of Living, a Practical Guide for Re-Creating your Reality, was published in the Netherlands. This book is about coming to life, about enhancing your energy field and making your life better, more enjoyable and more beautiful. About enthusiasm and happiness! About living life fully! It's all about fast transformation and expansion: here and now. About trusting your capabilities and daring to leap forward. This book is, like all Barbara's work, about Life! Life! Life! Standing in the middle of the eternal stream and feeling how everything you really are is radiating from your very core!

The first edition of The Art of Living sold out in 2013. The book was reissued a year later - which makes Rene and me very proud "parents".

April 2010 Barbara's en Rene's second book: Creating Money; True Breakthrough and Liberation was published in The Netherlands (in Dutch).
See the book here, the title in Dutch is "Geld creeren - ware doorbraak en bevrijding".

October 2011 our next book "Love and Freedom; self love, soulmates, love relationships" was published in The Netherlands, The original title is "Liefde en Vrijheid; zelfliefde, zielsverwanten, liefdesrelaties".

It was followed in June 2014 by "The Adventure of the Soul", the original Dutch title: "Het Avontuur van de Ziel".

Although doing well on the Dutch market, we're still looking for a publisher that's going to take our paper "children" across the North Sea or even the Atlantic (or anywhere else)!


Barbara Borecka was born in 1963, in the Polish town of Czestochowa, near the monastery Jasna Gora - meaning "Clear Mountain". Jasna Gora is the spiritual heart of Poland: a centre of great energetic power, where many wonders have occured this past millennium. Growing up in a spiritual but turbulent family, Barbara excelled in school, but loved nothing better than wandering through the fields and forests around her hometown, accompanied only by Mikado, her loyal and loving dog.
Barbara went to Gdansk to study oceanography and there became a fierce supporter of the "Solidarnosc" union and the freedom movement that spinned off it.
She graduated in 1987 and consequently worked as a scientist, information engineer and sail instructor, while attending opera classes at the Gdansk conservatory. Her scientific carreer took her abroad. In 1990 she finally settled in the Netherlands. Soon after coming to Holland, Barbara got sick - as it turned out for a prolongued period of time. This sickness necessitated change and took Barbara once more on the path towards the Spiritual.

She was initiated in Light Body and "Science of Deliberate Creation" by John Kalse, Abraham Hicks, Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. She has attended many advanced courses of DaBen and Orin on: Filling in the Frequencies (Frequencies of Vison, Precision, Intensity, Clarity, Harmony, Brilliance and Transparency), Self-Exciting, Transmitting Self-Exciting, Transmitting Light, Peace: Living Your Life Purpose, Higher Will, Manifesting With Ease, Solidity of Connection, Joy: Expressing Beauty & Perfection of Being, Vision: Sensing Subtle Energies, Vision: Creating Your Highest Future, Expanding Your Consciousness, Continuity of Consciousness, Radiating Consciousness: Shifting Energy to a Higher Vibration, Intuition: Opening to Your Natural Knowingness, Illumination: Awakening Your Higher Mind, Inspiration: Being Your Authentic Self, Divine Manifesting. , She has also studied the Chinese Philosophy of Regeneration, Sound Bliss healing, pendelen, smudging, Aurasoma, Quantum Light Breath and the vibration of many crystals.

Barbara experienced a wonderful transformation and subsequently found her passion working with Light, Energy, transmission and Higher Plains of Consciousness. She has mastered an enormous array of channelings and techniques, given to mankind by several Masters of Light.
So Barbara turned into an exceptionally powerful, stable and experienced transmitter, working with Light, crystals, the Soul, Angels, Masters of Light and Guides. She is connected with the Spirit of Eagles and Unicorns, the Solar Logos and Star Light.
Today Barbara Borecka must be considered one of the purest Pioneers in the techniques of Transmitting Light and the High Frequencies, Sensing Subtle Energies (in people and places), Shifting Energy to a Higher Vibration, Radiance, Brilliance, Illumination, Intuition, Channeling, Resonance, Expanding of Consciousness and Manifesting.
Since 1997 she gives classes, meditations, presentations and individual sessions.


You can book my services abroad. My fee abroad (that is outside continental Holland) for a 5-hour session is 5000 euros plus 1 euro per kilometer from Schiphol Airport.

At locations with spiritual "high" energy (like spiritual centres), this price is negotiable. On the basis of photographs, geographical location, we could deliberate about a reduction. This we do, however, on a case to case basis and is entirely to our discretion.

Barbara speaks dutch, english and polish.

For further information, feel free to contact us: by email.

You are a Magnificent Being,
in the perfect place at the perfect time,
unfolding perfectly.
The Universe Adores You
for it knows Your Broadest Intentions.
Relax into Your Natural Well-being.
All is Well.
(by Abraham-Hicks)








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