School for Eagles

The Art of Living!
A Practical Guide for Re-Creating your Reality

by Barbara Borecka en Rene Argonijt

Each chapter of this book contains several examples taken from real life as well as an average of three exercises that help the reader to implement the method and recommendations into their daily lifes. The book is written in the first person, with Barbara speaking directly to the reader.

Chapter 1: Genesis
The key to the Great Mystery of Life is that there is no general truth that applies to everyone - excepte maybe this one truth itself. Every society and every individual within it constructs their own truths. One definitive reality based on one version of truth, simply doesn't exist. Everyone of us can choose their own truth from a vast amount of potential truths. So I say: choose those truths that support you, that help you on your way and that make you feel good - about yourself and your life.

Nothing is fixed. Everything is energy and truly acknowledging this fact, can make you view your world and your life from a totally new perspective. And also who you are. With this book I hope to give you the opportunity to get to know yourself in a new way: as a being of energy; a kind of etherical, electrical, vibrational entity.
As this being of energy you impact your surroundings and all aspects of your life, every moment of your life. That way you create your own life. So that's not something you have to learn - you're already doing it. What you might have to learn is to create more of what you like and less of what you don't.

Chapter 2: Attention!
Everything in the reality in which you live, is made of energy. You can add energy to things in order to make them grow - so they will appear more often, on a larger scale, more directly impacting you, etc. This adding of energy is called 'energizing'. The most important way of energizing is directing your attention. There is a constant flow of energy flowing through you and you direct - or point - this flow with your attention. So when you point your attention more often and more intensely on things you enjoy, a larger portion of your reality will consists of enjoyable things. Everything you energize, grows.

When you give attention to something, you connect with that particular energy and make it a more prominent feature of your reality. It doesn't matter if you say yes or no to it. When you say 'yes, that's what I want' about something, you energize it and make it grow. But also when you say 'oh no, that's horrible, I want none of that', you energize it and make it grow. That's why fighting things doesn't work.
A lot of people want to be objective and look at things from al sides - good and bad. That's a trap. You are living in an abundant Universe and that means you can find an infinite number of reasons why you will succeed at something, but also an infinite number of reasons why you'll fail. So objectivity makes you tango around your target. The point is to take responsibility for what you point your attention at.

Chapter 3: Attracting
To draw specific energies into your life, you must do two things. The first is to summon the enery. The most direct way of doing this, is by clearly defining what this energy is e.g. what it is you want and desire. And then to prioritize. This sounds simple and really, it is, but it's not as common as it sounds.
The second thing to do is to absorb this energy into your own energy field. This is done by achieving 'energetic similarity' with the energy of the object of your desire. In other words: by already vibrating this energy as much as you can. For everything is energy and similar energies attract each other.
So connect with the good, positive energy around you. When you see a couple in love, don't say to yourself: 'those two have found love and I still haven't, poor me.' Instead try to say: 'hooray for love. It exists and it's beautiful! I wanted to experience more love and romance in my life and here it is, already manifesting itself!' This will draw more romance into your life, because this way you connect with the energy of romance that's already there.

Take baby steps. It's easier to connect with the energy of small, interconnected desires than it is to connect with the giant bulk of energy that you consider 'perfection'. Learn to be happy with everything that comes along - or as much of it as you can.

Chapter 4: Building up energy
Everything in your reality has a visible and an invisible side to it. The visible side is the material form of it and everything else that is generally considered to be 'real'. The visible side of a car, for instance, is the frame, the interior and the wheels, but also it's break horse power and it's price. The invisible side is what this car means to you: your thoughts and feelings about it; your hopes and expectations regarding it.
When you don't own a car, you can feel like a car-less person, with all the things you connect with it. You might feel a loser or powerless or you might be afraid your friends and neighbours are laughing at you behind your back. But you don't have to experience these things. The invisible side of things is really up to you.
Furthermore the invisible side of things is much bigger and more important, energetically, than the visible side. By changing the invisible side of things you can directly impact the visible side. How do you do this? Via your thoughts, feelings, visions and insights; by experiencing more trust, rest, balance, enthusiasm, joy and all other 'essential energies' that are connected with whatever it is you want.

Chapter 5: Opening yourself to receive
You have to learn to open yourself to things you want more of. You have to tune in on what you want; on it's wavelength or a wavelength that's close to it. Often people think they're open to the things they want, but when those things get closer, this turns out to be an illusion. I've experienced people who had hoped to find a partner for years and then suddenly found him or her. Some of them came to me and said: 'o, what a problem! I'm so unfree. My new partner is so demanding.' When you're not really open for something, these things happen: new problems appearing out of nothing.

So be creative and flexible. Don't set too many conditions, but aim for the essence of what you want. And be open to as many as possible shapes and variations it may appear in.
'Essences' are pure energy-forms that lay at the foundation of your creations, your goals and your plans. Some examples of Essences are peace, love, unity, connection, virtue, lightness, honousty, ease, purpose, power, harmony, fortune, happiness, warmth.

Chapter 6: Feeling good
What is the Art of Living? In essence it's the Art of Feeling Good. This method is about practising all energy that makes you feel good. The point is to bring yourself into a good vibration; to learn to feel as good as you can; to find your highest 'tuning', your highest state of being. Only when you vibrate positive energy yourself, positive things can emerge in your reality. And every time you feel good - for whatever reason - you have high, radiant, positive energy flowing through your energy-field and therefore at that moment you make a connection with the energy of your goals, which are also radiant, positive and flowing.

Most people assume that feelings are connected to situations. They think that they have to feel like a failure when they have little or no money. They think they have to be happy when it's their birthday. For them there are rules and regulations about what you're allowed te feel, but those rules only apply when you want them to. You are allowed to feel loved and protected, even if you don't have a partner. You are allowed to feel useful and vital, even if you don't have a job.
So it's really possible to learn to feel good, regardless. Every person has had moments in which they felt right. Everyone can recall those feelings and re-initialise them in the moment. And that's all it takes.
Every moment of your life is a trampoline, which can bring you higher and higher. And 'jumping' is easy: you do it by being in the now and really making the best of it.

Chapter 7: Abandoning old energy patterns
When you're stuck in a certain area of your life, something must be blocked in your energy-field. When you're stuck for a longer period of time, that's usually because you actively (but unconsciencely) maintain this blockage. People typically don't choose the energy that's best for them, but the energy they're used to. That's the energy that just effortlessly slides into place, if you will, in their energy-fields.
This can be changed, however. But to do so, you have to become aware of what it is you're thinking, feeling and doing and what convictions you are repeating within yourself. If you don't become aware of this, you'll be stuck with your old, familiar energy patterns.
The good news is: practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the easier it gets and the more people (and things) will react to your new, positive energy.

When you're quite depressed, you're usually too far away from joy and euforia to reach those states. So when someone comes to you and sais 'come on, lighten up! You should laugh and be happy,' that doesn't help. It probably just annoys you. What does help is to take baby steps toward greater happiness, just looking for the best, most positive attitude towards life you can handle, in every new now. Try it.
And when at times you don't succeed in taking these baby steps, accept the facts. Be nice to yourself. Tell yourself things like 'there seem to be some growing pains going on' and 'everything is good for something'. Try to see, in these challenging moments, that there will be better times to lift up your energy.

Chapter 8: Ease and balance
Create your reality as easily as you can. Look for good vibrations, good feelings, as long as you can without straining. I assure you the process of re-creating your life into a life you truely love, gets easier along the way. You get more and more accustomed to the attitude required. You get more into the flow. Your natural vibration becomes more flowing and balanced, which results in feeling better, being happier and recuperating faster whenever you're knocked out of balance.

Life can be easy. In our yang-oriented society it's not always easy to see that. So many things are geared towards action, speed, dynamics and results. So to do things easily, may take some practice.
Look at all the things you do and wonder: am I doing this out of habit or because it feels right? You may find that things that feel right, are the things you do effortlessly. These activities and non-activities can help you to become more balanced and find peace.

The Universe is constantly showing you if you're on the right path - towards a happier, more fulfilling and easier life - or not. When you're on the right path, you'll be supported and encouraged by situations and people you encounter - even when times are hard. So look for the signs. And don't push when circumstances just aren't helping.

Chapter 9: Accepting reality
Everything you encounter in your lifetime can be divided into two categories: things that feel right and things that don't feel right. Usually you want more of the things that feel right and less - or nothing - of the things that don't.
Knowing what feels right and what doesn't, mainly comes down to feeling, sensing and being open and receptive towards your intuition and 'inner knowing'. All those things can be practiced. And you can practice everywhere and always; every time of the day. For instance when you're buying flowers. When you're buying flowers, try to find a bunch of flowers that really feels right. Don't just take the cheapest or the most expensive bouquet, but try to feel and know what arrangement of flowers feels best for you, at this very moment.

When you encounter something that feels right, you may want to do two things. The first is to recognise the fact. The second is to enlarge the experience by directing extra attention and appreciation towards it.
When you encounter something that doesn't feel right, you can also do two things and the first is also to recognise the fact. Don't deny what is happening. That way you can stay in contact with yourself and your energy as a whole can remain flowing. The second thing to do, is letting go.

Chapter 10: Money and work
A lot of people find it hard to really get into the Art of Living because they're stuck to what they perceive of as reality, by bills, groceries, maintenance, commitments and job-related obligations. If this goes for you, then recognise this fact. You don't have to quit your job to overhaul your life. Quite the opposite: keep doing what makes you feel safe and secure. Just don't direct all of your attention towards your (and your loved ones') security. Keep doing what you feel that needs to be done and besides that take the energtical journey of deliberately re-creating your life into a life you love.

Especially when it comes to creating money, people tend to start of enthusiastically: a couple of hours a day they vibrate their new found enthusiasm about money, but the rest of the time they relapse into their old vibration of want and poverty. Often this results in there occuring some relief in their financial situation but no real progress. So if you want to create money - or anything - try to incorporate your new visions, feelings, convictions and beliefs into your life as-a-whole, as much as you can. That way these new vibrations can really take over and replace the old.

Chapter 11: Staying true to yourself
You create your own reality. It is impossible for anything that doesn't correspond to your vibration, to occur in your reality. However, this doesn't mean you're not being influenced by others. Sometimes you're swept up by trends and mass convictions. With the current level of spiritual technique it's almost impossible to be completely free of these influences, but you can come a long way. And I would advise you to come as far as you can, because when your life is nothing more than you reacting on events that apparently happen to you randomly, you're basically unfree.

Choice is the key. From all things that are around you, choose the ones that feel best. Give your attention to the most beautiful, most harmonious energies and flows. Go along with trends that make you feel relieved, hopeful and at peace. That way those trends will grow in your reality.
I'm not saying other things and other trends aren't there. I'm not saying, for instance, that agression doesn't exist, but I know I'm feeding things with my attention, so I don't point it (much) at agression.

Every person in your reality is a mirror image of you. It's pointless to try to change other people when you don't change yourself. So start a dialogue with yourself.
When you say 'that other is doing this to me,' you render yourself powerless, a victim of circumstance. However, when you say 'that negativity manifests itself in my reality through that person, but is really coming from me,' you recognise that it is within your power to bring change. Because when you can create the way things are now, you can also create something else - especially now you're aware of it!

Chapter 12: Cleansing and rest
When you're re-creating your life, old energies within your energye-field will be set loose. This loosening is called 'cleansing'. This is a very logical and 'honoust' process: those energy patterns that need to be replaced most, are cleansed first.
The journey of cleansed energy patterns to the surface of your energy-field, may cause some turbulence, especially when your consciousness gets wind of it. Fortunately most cleansing happens without you noticing it. And the results of cleansing are always positive. After a period of more intense cleansing, you may be able to see more clearly, have clearer points of view or feel lighter or more powerful. Cleansing helps your energy-field to adjust to the higher energy of the life you are creating.

Cleansed energy often manifests itself as negative emotional states; for example sorrow, fear, confusion, anger. It can however also manifest itself in the outside world: as people screaming in stores, as bad weather, as old acquaintances that appear uninvited, as distasteful pastry; you name it. For cleansing not only cleanses your emotions, but your entire energy-field - and therefore your entire vibration and therefore your entire reality.
Deep spiritual growth, leading towards deeper consciousness and true freedom, seldom goes in a straight line. Such processes of growth have their ups and downs, so don't give up when you hit a rough spot.

Chapter 13: Radiant health
Many people walk around with stress, disease and worry. They have often extensively absorbed these energies and have practiced them a lot. Nevertheless the stress- and the worry-energies they vibrate are not who they really are.
Your natural vibration is a vibration of happiness, vitality, joy, love and ease. Your Soul is healthy, balanced, radiant and free - and that's who you really are. So these vibrations are always somewhere inside of you, waiting for you to find them and embrace them.

All misery in your life emanates from a weak connection with your Soul and it's purely positive energies. Disease, poverty, bad luck, ignorance and confusion are all caused, in essence, by a weak Soul-connection. So it's paramount to heal this connection.
I realise that especially people that are in a lot of pain or have been in pain for a long time, tend to identify with the pain they're experiencing. But if you want to be healthy, it's important you direct as little attention as possible to sickness, pain and impotence. I know that's often easier said than done, so when you don't really succeed in directing your attention to positive things, then seek distraction and relief.

Chapter 14: Tuning in on High Energy
The Art of Living is really about building consciousness. Everything that exists, is energy and it exists in a kind of energetic space. That space is in essence one vibration; a vibration you can divide into an infinite number of frequencies, from low to high.
Within this one vibration you can identify the frequency-range of your fysical body and, slightly higher, your emotional body. A little higher, in even finer frequencies, is your mental body located. Still higher there are even more frequencies, reaching all the way to the energies of your Light Body and your Soul.
Somewhere in this collection of vibrations is your sub-conscious. The sub-consciuos isn't fixed at a certain range of frequencies. It's not a coherent set of frequencies, really. The sub-conscious is just a collection of energies inside your energy-field of which you are not (or hardly) aware. What we hope to accomplish with this book, is the expansion of your consciousness to areas of your energy-field of which you were not aware before. That way your consciousness wil grow at the expense of your sub-conscious.

With an expanded consciousness you become much more effective in re-creating your life. You will know better who you are, where you are and where you're going. You'll be able to see other people more as they really are and where they are going. Furthermore it will be easier to see you really do live in a world of abundance and infinite opportunities.

Chapter 15: Being happy
Our adult society tells us it's allowed to feel good and be happy, but only after we have worked our way through a whole list of conditions: you need to have a job and you need to have a car and an attractive partner; and you need to have kids and good musical taste; and of course you need to be socially active and interested in the troubles of the third world. Only then you may be happy.
However, these lists don't help. They give you nothing. When you live by these listst, there will always be something else you'll have to do or have to be before you can be happy. School, career, family, friends, money, items on your bucket-list: there will always be room for improvement. That's a main reason why so many people are exhausted.

The future does not exist. Or rather, it does, but it's already here. The future is now. So be happy, right where you are. Be happy with your job, with your partner, with your family, in your home, in the country where you live. If you wait to be liberated in the future without liberating yourself in the present, you can wait a long time. Conversely, when you make the best of your life, here and now, you will get closer, energetically, to everything you want and hope for. Being happy and content, your energy will rise and you will connect with higher, better possibilities.
Be as happy as you can be and this experience will grow. That is the Art of Living. Practice it.

Chapter 16: Changing relationships
When you start re-creating your reality, you can count on changes happening in your energy. Every new thought you build upon creates new energy patterns. Every new feeling, every new conviction creates new energy structures within you. And when you change, it's logical for your relations to change too. You'll find that some relationships just come to an end and it's best to let go, while others grow and flourish.
I'd advise you to create relationships more and more with Essence-energies. Ask yourself what it is you want from a relationship, in essence, and let go of the rest. What do you want? Contact from heart to heart? Company? Someone to be joyful with? Someone to inspire you? Are you looking for someone to support you or do you really want someone you can support? Get these things clear for yourself and point your energy toward your top priorities. What does it matter how often you see someone or talk to them? These things are just on the surface of relationships.

Do let go of contacts that consist mainly of negative resonance. Keep focusing on what does feel right, like love, understanding and depth. Have faith that people that resonate with these energies, will automatically appear in your reality. New people can appear, but also people you already know, may transform, seemingly overnight. Even people you now know to be very complaining en burdening, may become the best company ever. Can you imagine that?

Chapter 17: Soul, personality and life mission
Your Soul is who you truely are, in the deepest core of you. Your Soul is pure light, pure goodness. However, this pure from doesn't exist on Earth, except as a part of you. That's your 'Divine Spark' and that is the core of your earthly being.
So every person is an energetic bridge between the 'Higher Regions', the Heavens, where your Soul lives, and Earth. You can strengthen and widen this bridge and deepen the connection with your Soul, so even more light and goodness can find its way to the Earth-plane. That will result in all kinds of good things. Fighting, competition and war will diminish, while unity and harmony will increase. The more high energy gets to Earth, the better life here becomes - for you and everyone.

There are spiritual books and teachings that tell you suffering is an intricate part of life on Earth. Suffering is supposed to be necessary to learn certain lessons. I don't think that's true. I agree that all the suffering you've experienced so far in your life, has been beneficial for your spiritual growth. The Universe develops perfectly, every single moment. And your past suffering has been part of that perfection - but only because you were unaware, at the time, of a better way to grow; of an easier, effortless way to grow. And now, reading this book, you are introduced to such a way. So there's no more need to suffer, if you choose you've had enough of it.

Chapter 18: Help from Above
It's great to experience joy, love, strength, vitality and much more on the Earth-plane; to play with these energies and create forms out of them, here on Earth. This becomes even greater when you integrate your earthly being more with your Soul. That way you can be your earthly self, but connected with the wisdom, virtue and clarity of your Soul.
A big step you can take towards becoming one with your Soul, is finding your true, inner tone: your authentic vibration. This is very radiant, flowing energy. Small children vibrate this energy exuberantly, so to learn what this energy is, you only have to look at them.

Another important thing is good grounding. Grounded well you can feel and experience better and deeper, with a richness less grounded people can hardly imagine. Grounding enriches your thoughts and feelings as well as your fysical condition. It is so important for connecting with your Soul because it actually gives your Soul more to connect with, here and now, on Earth.

Chapter 19: Abundance
There is an abundance of everything, negative and positive. There's an abundance of war and peace, misery and fortune, hope and despair. There's an abundance of all kinds of energies in the Universe, that can take on all kinds of forms and shapes on the Earth-plane. You can choose which energies you bring to life; which ones you introduce into your reality. Life is like a buffet with everything - and all you have to do is choose. So on which side of abundance are you going to vibrate?

You can always point your attention towards the positive, because everything has positive sides. Really everything? Yes, really everything. To look at something and conclude it's all bad, is just missing the point.

When there's war in your reality, try to realise that it's only possible because some warlike energy must be present in you. Then ask yourself: 'where is this energy of war in me? What kind of energy is it? What does it look like? In what way am I agressive or a victim of agression or both?' Just by asking these questions, you are transforming your energy. You may change it to whatever you want: you are the Source.

It's not bad to empathise. You can send beautiful compassion towards people who experience problems, but please do so in a hopeful way. Be convinced these people will rise to the challenges they're confronted with. When people starve, it's right to send them food, but more importantly: send them positive energy. When you vibrate that there's enough for everybody and we are living in a world of abundance, you help everybody to create this abundant reality.

Chapter 20: Eagles
Some things work well in Western society, but not everything. Those who have come to Earth with bigger goals and bigger challenges than most, can struggle in our society, which is so geared towards the normal, the average. So people with extraordinary qualities and insights are forced to search for new solutions, away from the mainstream. Sometimes they go down paths that at first glance seem illogical or downright idiotic, mostly out of desperation. That way they push the frontier and open up new worlds; for themselves, but automatically also for everybody else. I call these people Eagles, after a story by Anthony de Mello.

Eagles are pioneers. They don't spend their lives improving toothbrushes or cars. They invent flying cars and teeth-cleaning orange juice. They also experiment with new, recently unknown phenomena and methods, like higher planes of consciousness, viewing the world as energy and working with energy transmission and resonance.
On my path, pushing frontiers, it helps me tremendously to know that the support I need will come to me at the right moment, in the right way; to know that everything is unfolding in a perfect, divine sequence. I gladly surrender to the direction of my Soul - a direction I can't grasp entirely myself. And so everything develops perfectly towards my complete development.

I was driving through southern California, looking for a nice tune on the car radio. By chance I tuned into a station that quoted reverend Howard Thurman:

'Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.'

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