School for Eagles

Creating Money;
True Breakthrough and Liberation

by Barbara Borecka en Rene Argonijt

Each chapter of our book contains several examples taken from real life as well as an average of three exercises.

1. Choose your money vibration
Everything is energy; vibration. So are you and so is money. Part of your energy field relates to money and richess and all things you link with them: abundance, freedom, security, harmony. This is your money vibration. This vibration is the source of your financial situation. You can change your money vibration! "Creating Money" is all about just that.

2. Open yourself to receive
An abundant flow of money can't reach people who (1) think of negative thoughts, (2) have negative feelings towards money and (3) aren't really open to receive. Not open to receive? One may consider money unsafe. One may think money can only reach them in one particular way, that good people give their money away, that they're not worthy of being rich, etc. However, you can practise being more open!

3. Transform your convictions
People often have negative convictions about money, often copied from parents and other roll models. You can change your thoughts and convictions by becoming more aware of them and each moment actively choose the highest thoughts that are available to you. You can also introduce new convictions into your energy field with the aid of affirmations. "I'm ready to live in abundance, I'm ready to live in abundance ..."

4. Feel rich
Learn to feel good about money! Become aware of what makes you feel good about money and what doesn't. Steer yourself towards situations that make you feel good. You have to find out by experiment which situations qualify most. Spend your money in ways that make you feel good! Here affirmations can link positive energy from other parts of your energy field to your money vibration.

5. Be your Rich Self now
Creating money is something you do in the moment. Be your Rich Self as much as you can and the energy of richess will expand in your life. Do this without too much effort. Take small steps. Build new thoughts and feelings and absorb them into your money vibration. Spend your money on things you really want to spend it on. Resonate with rich people you know or know of.

6. Create in the moment
Be in the moment as much as you can. See how your life unfolds magnificently! Accept, appreciate and enjoy your life. Add high energy to it, like love, kindness, order and beauty. Allow your desires to feed and inspire you; not to drain your energy. Hold your desires in a loose, carefree manner. Let the energy flow. Desire, but do so in the moment.

7. Focus on what you want
Attention energises things. The energy of everything you focus on, increases. Become aware of this fundamental truth and learn to focus mainly on the things you want. Are you focusing on money or on lack of it? Transform your worries or they will increase. Tomorrow is an illusion. Notice in the moment what makes you feel better and what makes you feel worse. Enjoy the vast amount of possibilities you have!

8. Welcome change
You want to create something new, so open yourself for the new! Open as many new levels of your imagination and awareness as you can. Be as open minded as possible. Be open to all paths and all solutions. Appreciate every kind of change, even when it creates temporary imbalance. Don't force new things in old frames. Give change enough time to unfold in. Focus detachedly.

9. Appreciate everything
Appreciate what you've got. Don't worry: everything you need, is there for you! Enjoy your experiences in the moment! Don't be jealous of rich people; appreciate them: they merely show you how rich you can be. Their richess expands your horizon, if you let it. Stop complaining, for complaints sour everything good you are creating. You can choose not to complain: just notice that everything has positive sides to it!

10. Be as happy as you can, right now
Money won't make you happy. A relationship, a carreer won't either. Your happiness is something only you can give yourself. The key to happiness is to make the best of each situation and to feel as good as you can, while you're effortlessly growing and improving your life. You can practise happiness and learn to be more happy. This, more than anything, will help you in creating the life you really want to live!

11. Make yourself whole
People often don't create what they want because the energy of their desires is disintegrated. People themselves often consist of loose parts - subpersonalities - that communicate badly with each other. Transforming your money vibration often involves a lot of subpersonalities, so try to get as much of them "with the program" as you can. Guide your subpersonalities to the Light. Heal and unite them.

12. Let go of what is blocking you
Negative convictions, insecurity, pain, strain, anxiety, fear, perfectionism, forced optimism: all these heavy, negative energies can block your positive creations. Even clogged up material things, like books and furniture, can. Let your energy flow. Trust the process. Accept all obstacles. Accept your feelings about them and about being stuck. Don't deny obstacles and don't fight them! Recognition brings flow.

13. Bring flow to your job
All work is there for the people who do it. Your job is there for you. You don't depend on your job. Let go of your so-called obligations, as much as you can. Follow your passion, as much as you can while feeling secure. Sometimes you have to fight your way out of patterns your stuck in. Yet always try to add harmony and natural flow. Make yourself feel safe while you're growing and freeing yourself!

14. Follow your intuition
Everything around you mirrors your energy, so it's very important you become your True Self as much as possible. Only then your world and life can truly fit you. Transform the parts of you that are least authentic. Reinforce your True Self! Learn to communicate with your Soul and Higher Self through your intuition. That means you will have to accept and trust more. You don't need to understand everything.

15. Ground your money vibration
Many of my students are stuck in idealism, high thoughts and beautiful feelings. Especially for these high energy individuals it's important to ground themselves and their money vibration. This chapter contains a large number of grounding exercises, for example for opening and energising the first chakra.

16. Pursue your true goals
Why do you want the things you want? Do you know? Do your desires originate within yourself or have you really copied them from someone else? Many people pursue someone else's dream and end up disillusioned. What would you do and what would you want in a world without money? Try to imagine that. Set your goals in freedom! And don't hold on too tight to them: goals can change.

17. Fill in your desires
Make your desires, what you want to create, as concrete as possible. Fill in the details. That way you build energy around your creations. Do this playfully, so your inner child can participate. Define what it is you want in essence. That will normally make you more enthusiastic about your creations! If it doesn't, it will help you towards your true goals. Focus on your creation and fill it in, but don't get attached to the image.

18. Create in freedom
Your well being doesn't have to contradict the well being of others. Wish your competitors well, realising that everyone can have what they want. Don't let your dreams depend on the rolls others are supposed to play in them - like the roll of "lover" or "protector". Be careful what you wish for for others. The best way to help others - and yourself - is by loving them and respecting their freedom.

19. Take the lead
Be true to yourself and the things you love and believe in. That way you vibrate your authentic energy very effectively. Deliberately choose your path each moment. Learn to see where you're stuck and learn to choose for a more effortless and uplifting course in those areas of your life. There's always a choice: everything can be done in hundreds of ways! Achieve mastership in simple, everyday things.

20. Let actions mature
The energy at the base of an action, determines its outcome. Don't take steps hastily. Take your time to build energy around your goals and desires. Spend time, attention and money on what you want when it comes to money and abundance. Don't act until that's the only thing left to you. Then act relaxed and balanced. Learn to enjoy your actions and the process they lead to as well as the results!

21. Create with ease
Growth is best stimulated by letting go. Money mirrors your energy and your actions: when you're pushing yourself, hurried and stressed, your financial situation will reflect this. Open yourself for more effective behaviour - without hurry, strain and sacrifice. Let the energies carry you. Go with the flow!

22. Hold the vision
When you change your money vibration, you change your life - sometimes fluently, sometimes in a more turbulent way. Growth is never a linear proces. Sometimes old, negative energy reaches the surface of your field, ready to leave. That's why in times of turbulence it's important to hold your vision en trust the process. Learn to view all obstacles as interesting challenges.

23. Radiate Light
Because relatively few people realise that we are all one, this world is full of conquest, competition and struggle. This, however, is changing. Light workers reestablish the connection with their Souls and the awareness of being One. Together they create a field of Light that, amongst other things, keeps mankind stable in times of crisis and general imbalance. You are very welcome to join us!

24. Free money ... and yourself
People love to view money as a wizzard that will magically make their life right. This puts too much pressure on money. Money is not responsible for your happiness: you are! Let money be itself. Treat money like you would like to be treated. Don't try to get rid of it as fast as you can. That's not nice, now is it?

25. Be the Source
What do you want money to give you? Give it yourself. Be creative. Find ways. Do you think money will free you? Then go free yourself, right now. What will you be able to do "at last" when you have money? Do it now, as much as you can. Don't expect the world to change for your benefit: just change yourself. That way you empower yourself. That way you become the creator you truly are!

April 2010 Barbara's en Rene's second boek: Creating Money; True Breakthrough and Liberation was published in The Netherlands.

See the book here: "Geld creeren - ware doorbraak en bevrijding".

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